BANZEL: A Video Series

Tips for Caregivers

Watch these clips from the parents and caregivers to learn tips on living with LGS.

Before Doctor Visits

Bob shares helpful tips he has learned over time to help Jessica's doctor better understand her condition.

Tracking Symptoms

Johannes and Monica explain how they record the details of Alaric's condition to make the most of his doctor visits.

Special-Needs Children

Johannes outlines the work it takes to raise children with LGS, and how that may create a unique opportunity.

Talking to Your Doctor

Monica identifies the keys to good communication with your healthcare provider, such as speaking often and openly.

Support From Social Media

Bob points out that caregivers for people with LGS usually feel all alone—and that they don't have to anymore.

Transition of Care

Bob gives some important advice for others based on his experiences looking for a new home for Jessica.

Staying Positive

Johannes knows LGS caregivers can often get upset or overwhelmed, and offers his thoughts on the subject.

Working Parents

Monica offers a plan for caregivers with busy schedules to shore up extra help for their child with LGS.

Treating Your Child the Same (as Much as Possible)

Johannes and Monica explain how children with LGS can take part in some of the activities enjoyed by others without LGS.

More You Can Do

Johannes talks about helping Alaric, and stresses the importance of never giving up.